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DEFENDER RESORTS RENTAL AGREEMENT Resort Name: Boardwalk one Today s Date: Unit(s) Assigned: Week(s) Assigned: Owner Number(s): I (we): (Name as it appears on contract) hereby appoint DEFENDER RESORTS
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it's very very exciting morning apart from the fact that you've got now shared and going into the ma- this and we have such a well and well renowned brand going into the moment others I think it's a major major achievements but perhaps for me Bainimarama government perspective the fact that you have a fijian business now going into the hotel industry directly for the first time is a major achievement and this is in fact has been one of our goals our goal is obviously to diversify the economic base of the country to provide that trajectory into economic growth but to encourage entrepreneurs vision entrepreneurs to go into here is a business where they have not gone into before and I think this is a fantastic step I really make the family has taken yesterday I was in Nagoya where we had a local businessman who started off as a you know from humble beginnings as a furniture maker and he was putting together a 5 million dollar project in Navajo town holding the Navajo town sustain a 5 million dollar project he shops in reception halls etc we would have thought I'm sure the negative family would not have thought even 10 years ago five years ago that they would be putting a five-star resort up in the ma- this so ladies and gentlemen what is happening this morning is very momentous in the sense that we have now a new way of looking at our economy we have new participants in the economy and we hope that the magda family will provide or be an example to other entrepreneurs in Fiji the many people for example who have been selling clothes or guilt free items but have not thought about going to the hotel industry because if you are gathering in 90s last year the people who originally started as selling clothes are now in our selling handicrafts the same way we encourage people if you now in the tourism industry you can go and run a commercial farm the negative family can leave that way in that area because there's an enormous growth and potential for that and I'd like to thank them for the day entrepreneurship the confidence obviously in the economy we've been working very closely with them they've taken advantage of the numerous incentives that have been put in place by the mania Maremma governments and also our first I would for having the confidence in a local company if you join company only owned and bring out to the islands and I'm sure that this riddle again put denominators back on the map even more so so we those three words ladies and gentlemen I'd like to thank everybody once again of course the the workers have been involved in the construction I think it's critical to recognize they contribution sometimes you know we get carried away by all the high sort of celebrations but it's the people who are doing the nuts and bolts of putting the nuts and bolts together playing the pipes that we should not forget and it is they because of their determination in their workmanship that will be able to...